Hello Summer – Speech Practise Tips.

Whilst of course the main aim of this break is to have some quality time with your kids; filled with fun and laughter and maybe even some relaxation, it is important that all that progress you have made with your child’s speech development doesn’t go out the window. So here are some quick, exciting activities…

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NI Children’s Practice: 8 months on…

It’s been just over 8 months since NI Children’s Practice began our adventure in Northern Ireland to make big change fun! Over the last 8 months our sister clinic in London has supported us as we adopted a new look and style, expanded our team and tried to establish ourselves. We are now working with…

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Generation iPad: Does it harm children’s communication skills?

Like it or loath it, iPads and technology are a such a huge part of 21st century living and it no surprise that many children are more tech savvy than adults, watching more videos on YouTube and playing various interactive games than ever before. Various research articles provide evidence that too much screen time can…

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Top 10 tips: Encouraging Speech and Language Development

From the moment your little one is born they are eager to engage and communicate with the world around them. There is just something about a cute little baby that makes us temporally forget the language we have acquired over our life time, instead gooing and gaaing and asking them copious amounts of rhetorical questions….

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Dummy Do or Dummy Don’t?

The use of dummies is controversial topics amongst parents, care givers and professionals with a constant back and forth tug of war between the pro’s and the con’s. As a parent or carer, it is important to understand and consider both sides of the argument before making, what can be long term commitment of dummy…

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What should my child be doing & when?

As a parent it can be tricky to know what is ‘normal’ when it comes to your child’s speech & language development. Fortunately, as Speech & Language Therapists we have child development norms that help us assess if a child needs help with their communication skills. In this blog, we are going to revise some…

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